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As a little girl I dreamed of going to Africa to change the world! Seeing the wild lions, crocodiles and experiencing African life. I had this image in my mind of what I had seen of Africa on National Geographic and I was going to impart on the adventure of my life.

Now after 16 years of living in Mozambique, Africa, lying deathly sick in a remote hospital in Zambia with malaria, surviving a mob of 200 angry people, living through missile explosions and riots I have come to realize that my adventure is a reality.

When I first started my orphanage in Mozambique, Africa I had nothing; but my dreams. Learning to let God carry-out our dreams and visions is key! He is the one responsible for our out-comes, we are just the tools He uses!  In my first orphan home, I had 15 teenagers, no beds, no stove, nothing but me! During this I realized that sometimes God is just looking for a willing someone with a dream to take that the first step.

Project Liberty is now a 501(c)(3) organization and I am now with my 3rd generation of orphan children in my home; I have learned that I don’t need the biggest house, or nicest things to touch lives; I just needed to be willing!

Beginning. . .